Maki Cutter 260

Maki Cutter ASM260A

Automatically cuts multiple sushi rolls at once and rolls with toppings into 6, 8 or 10 pieces.


Upward Cutting: Sushi rolls are raised upward through the cutting unit allowing the ASM260A to be more adaptable and efficient for different business environments:

Multiple Roll Cutting: With the new cutting action and larger cut base, up to four hosomaki can be cut at the same time.

Cutting with Toppings: Upward cutting also allows rolls with toppings, such as Rainbow Rolls, to be cut with the toppings already placed.

Interchangeable Blade Frames: Different frames which hold different amounts of blades (6, 8, 10 pc) are easily swappable to make different amounts of sushi pieces.

Easy Assembly/Disassembly: The ASM260A has only 4 removable parts that are easy to disassemble and reassemble to clean.

Quick Specs:

Dimensions: W 11.4” x L 15.0” x H 19.2”
(290mm x 379mm x 487mm)
Weight: Approx. 37.5 lbs
Sushi Roll Thickness: 24mm-50mm diameter
Sushi Roll Length:
6/8 Pieces: 180mm-190mm
10 Pieces: 200mm - 210mm
Processing Capacity:
Hosomaki (24mm thickness): 4 rolls at a time
Inside-Out Rolls (35mm thickness): 2 rolls at a time
Futomaki (45mm thickness): 1 roll at a time






*Scroll to bottom for detailed specifications




Uncut rolls are placed on the cut base at the bottom of the machine.

Press both buttons at the same time to begin cutting. 

Cut base lifts the rolls through the blade frame to the top of the machine, where cut sushi pieces are easily retrieved.


Larger Cut Base Unit
Cut up to 2 uramaki rolls or 4 hosomaki rolls at one time.

Cut Rolls with Toppings
Easily cuts rolls with toppings, like Rainbow Roll, without anything falling off.

Zero Direct Blade Contact
Rolls are safely cut behind the Front Cover to avoid direct contact.

Easy Cleaning
Only 4 large removable parts make daily maintenance and cleaning easy.

Power Supply                   AC100V-240V 50/60Hz

Dimensions                       W 11.4” x L 15.0” x H 19.2”
(W 290mm x L 379mm x H 487mm)

Weight                              Approx. 37.5 lbs.

Processing Capacity       Max. 600 rolls/hour

  • Including Norimaki setting time of 2 seconds per roll.
  • The cutting capacity varies depending on the size of the Norimaki.
  • » 2,400 rolls/hour with four small-size hosomaki (24mm rolls)are simultaneously cut.
  • » 1,200 rolls/hour with two regular-sized norimaki/uramaki (35mm rolls) are simultaneously cut.
  • » 600 rolls/hour with one large futomaki (45mm rolls)

Cutting Sizes» The following norimaki cuts can be made by selecting the appropriate cutting unit (optional)

  • Vertical roll, 6-piece cut-------Approx.1.2”/pc (30mm)
  • Vertical Roll, 8-piece cut------Approx.0.9”/pc (22.5mm)
  • Vertical Roll, 10-piece cut-----Approx.0.8”/pc (20mm)