ASM 780 A

Rice Mixer 780

Shari Mixer (LARGE) ASM780A

Produces sushi rice by mixing up to 29LBS of cooked rice and seasonings.


New Cooling System
Cools down the sushi rice mixture properly to produce the quality of a sushi chef’s hand mixed rice.

Perfectly Balanced Mixture
Unique spherical bowl mixes vinegar and rice thoroughly and evenly.

Non-Stick Material Parts
All washable parts are made with special resin coating without the use of Teflon, making daily maintenance easy.

Quick Specs:

Dimensions: W 23.5” x D 29.3”(Max35.1”) x H 38.9”(Max61.1”)
598mm x 743mm (Max 892mm) x 988mm (Max 1551mm)
Weight: Approx. 104 lbs. (47kg)
Capacity: 14.5~29 lbs. (6.6~13.2kg) of cooked rice






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    No Experience required

    Only one hour training needed for AUTEC Sushi Robots

    Professional Sushi Chefs who make a perfect Nigiri has been said that they require approximately 3 years experience. Shari is the most important factor of sushi. The perfect shari is made with mixing skills without smashing rice grains and with cooling skills to make perfect temperature for shari.



    Sushi Robot ASM780A mixes sushi rice like a professional sushi chef
    Front Cover
    Protects rice from bugs, dust and other foreign objects from entering.

    Chef quality sushi rice by AUTEC Sushi Machine ASM780A
    Rice is automatically dispensed into the rice box below upon completion.

    Sushi Robot ASM780A for Professional Grade Sushi Rice
    AUTEX Oil Storage
    Attached shelf to store your AUTEX oil spray.

    Customizable sushi rice settings with Sushi Robot ASM780A
    Course Setting
    Programmable up to four settings.

    Filtered air used for producing sushi rice with ASM780A
    Air Filter
    Filtrates air before blowing into the drum.

    Power Supply                               AC120V, 60 Hz

    Power Consumption                  500W

    Capacity                                       14.5~29 lbs. (6.6 ~ 13.2 kg) of cooked rice

    Exterior Dimensions                 Approx.W 23.5” x D 29.3”(Max35.1”) x H 38.9”(Max61.6”)
                                                          W 598mm x D743mm(Max892mm) x H988mm(Max1551mm)

    Weight                                        Approx. 104 lb (47kg)