Maki Maker 865

Maki Maker ASM865A

Produces rice sheets of various thickness and sizes for sushi rolls, sushi burrito, sushi pizza, sushi taco and more.


Double Rice Sheet Mode
Produces up to 1300 rice sheets per hour under the Auto-Supply Function.

Air-in-Forming Rollers (Patent Pending)
Newly developed rollers imitate the quality of a rice sheet crafted by a sushi chef with perfect air to rice ratio.

Auto-Supply Function
Continuously produces evenly spread, perfect rice sheets. The need to press the start button for each production is eliminated as once you remove a rice sheet from the tray, the next rice sheet is produced automatically.

Quick Specs:

Dimensions: W 13.7” x D 16.9” x H 23.2”
(348mm x 430mm x 590mm)
Weight: Approx. 70.5 lbs. (32kg)
Hopper Capacity: Approx. 18.1 lbs. (8.2kg)
Production Rate: Up to 900 - 1300 sheets/hour

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    Consistent and speedy production

    AUTEC Sushi Robot ASM865A Printing Sushi Rice Sheets


    Produces evenly proportioned rice sheets resulting in perfect sushi.


    Compact stylish design

    Compact, Desktop Size Sushi Rice Sheet Maker ASM865A
    By industrial sushi machine standards, this product is considered the most compact and lightweight option available on the market.


    Cost efficient

    Lower sushi labor costs with ASM865A Sushi Rice Sheet maker



    AUTEC sushi robots equipped with sensors throughout all sushi machines

    Auto Supply Function

    Enables the sensors to detect the removal of rice sheets and
    automatically produce additional rice sheets.

    Optional AUTEC sushi robot foot pedal operation.

    Foot Pedal (optional)


    Easily pickup sushi rice sheet with specialized plate for Rice Sheet Maker ASM865A

    Pick Up Plate

    Makes removing rice sheets from the “slide body” easy.

    Sushi Machine ASM865A produces perfect rice sheets consistently for sushi rolls and burritos.

    Consistent Quality

    Produces perfect rice sheets every time with minimal food-contact.

    Simple to use Rice Sheet Maker ASM865A for commercial sushi production

    Easy Cleaning

    Simple structure allows for fast and easy cleaning.

    Specify your sushi rice sheet thickness and density on ASM865A

    Customizable Settings

    Set precise rice mat specifications.

    ASM865A Rice Sheet Maker's hopper keeps sushi rice at an ideal temperature.

    Heat Retention

    Keeps sushi rice at an ideal temperature.

    All AUTEC sushi robot systems are easily updated with provided USB flash drive.

    Easy System Update

    Simply plug in the provided USB flash drive for a system update.

    Safer special resin coating on sushi robots instead of Teflon.

    No Teflon Coating

    Healthier option of special resin coating is used to prevent rice from sticking to surfaces.


    AUTEC Sushi Robot Sushi Roll Maker ASM880A

    Item #                     ASM880A

    Weight                   105.6 lbs

    Dimension           W: 15.4” x D: 23.3” x H: 28.7”

    Capacity /             Approx. 450 rolls/hr
    Abitlity                  Approx. 700 rice sheets/hr

    Hopper                  25-30 cups
    Capacity                (70-80 rolls) Various rice sheet size and output options

    Operation            Fully-Automatic

    Top Features      Two Maki Roll Functions and Rice Sheet Production, Built in Heat Retention Hopper, Customizable Settings.

    AUTEC Sushi Robot Rice Sheet Maker ASM865A

    Item #                     ASM865A

    Weight                   70.51 lbs

    Dimension            W: 13.7” x D: 16.9” x H: 23.2”

    Capacity /             Up to 900 — 1300 sheets/hr

    Hopper                  Approx. 18.1 lbs

    Operation            Semi-Automatic

    Top Features     Double Rice Sheet Production, Auto Supply Function, Heat Retention Hopper, Customizable Settings.

    Power Supply                               AC120V, 60 Hz

    Power Consumption                  115W 1A

    Production Rate                         Up to 900 rolls - 1300 sheets/hour

    Rice Sheet Sizes

    Hopper Capacity                        Approx. 18.1 lbs. (6.0kg)

    Weight                                         Approx. 70.5 lbs. (32kg)

    Technical Support

    If you're experiencing any issues with this model, please visit our online troubleshoot guide