Norimaki Cutter 230

Maki Cutter (MANUAL) ASM230A

Manually cuts sushi rolls (without a knife) into 6/8/10 pieces with optional cutter units.


Safety Mechanism
Automatically locks the lid whenever the cutting blades are exposed.

Silicone Cleaning System
Silicone wipers clean each cutting blade with every cut.

Energy Efficient and Portable
Requires no electricity to operate, thereby easy to transport for use at your desired location.

Quick Specs:

Cutting Method: Manual 2-rotation procedure
Exterior Dimensions: W 17.9” x D 13.5” x H 13.7”
(454mm x 342mm x 348mm)
Weight: Approx. 24.2 lbs. (11kg)






*Scroll to bottom for detailed specifications

AUTEC Sushi Robot Manual Sushi Roll Cutter ASM230A


Easy sushi roll cutting operation with AUTEC ASM230A
Easy Operation
Turn twice to cut a roll into pieces.

Hygienic sushi roll cutting with ASM230A
Blade Wipers
Silicon wipers cleans the blades with each cut.

ASM230A cuts sushi rolls into 6, 8, 10 pieces
3 Blade Options
Available in 6, 8, 10 piece cutting blades.

Safely cut sushi rolls with ASM230A
Blade Safety
Blades are locked away in place when the cover is open.

Portable ASM230A requires no electricity for sushi roll cutting
Easy to Clean
Simple structure allows for fast and easy cleaning.

Cutting Method                          Manual 2-rotation cutting method

Dimensions                                 W 17.5” x D 13.5” x H 13.7”
                                                      (W 445mm x 342mm x H348mm)
                                                      » A height of 15.5 in(388mm) is required as an operation dimension.
                                                      » Excluding the protruding parts.

Weight                                         Approx. 24.2 lbs.

Cutting Sizes                              Thickness: 1.0 in (25mm) square to 2.2 in (55mm) square
                                                      » Two rolls can be cut in parallel for the size of a thin roll with 1.0 in (25mm) square.
                                                      Length: Vertical roll: 6.9 to 7.5 in(175 to 190mm)
                                                      Horizontal roll: 7.5 to 8.1 in(190 to 205mm)

Cutting Sizes                              Vertical roll, 6-piece cut-------Approx.1.2”/pc (30mm)

                                                      Vertical Roll, 8-piece cut------Approx.0.9”/pc (23.7mm)

                                                      Vertical Roll, 10-piece cut-----Approx.0.8”/pc (20mm)