Chain Conveyor Belt

Chain Conveyor Belt

Chain Conveyor Belt is a food delivery system where freshly made sushi is placed onto a food-safe conveyor belt by sushi chefs and navigates throughout the restaurant for the diners to choose from. Experience high turnover rates during busy hours and entice customers to eat more!


Our System

Unlike our competitors, our
systems are built in the USA.

Our systems run on standard
household voltage of 120V.

Our products are NSF and or
UL Certified for food safety.

Time Management System is
available to keep track of
each dish's freshness through
RFID attachments to plates.
The shape, height, and length,
of our system is customizable
to fit your restaurant space
and catering business needs.

Restaurant Layout Example with Conveyor Belt System

Below are examples of how a conveyor belt system can be set up inside a large and small-scale restaurant.

Large Scale: 2500 square-foot facility with 88 seats total.

Small Scale: 1500 square-foot facility with 42 seats total.

Why Conveyor Belts?

New Concept

Add a new entertainment and
an interactive element to your
customer’s dining experience!


Streamline operations by eliminating
the need for direct order taking
or delivering food to tables.


Minimum training required for new
employees to perform daily
maintenance and basic operations.


Reduce restaurant floor accidents
with food transported directly
and safely to customers.

Better Service

Provide better service to your customers
by reducing food wait time with dishes
readily available on the conveyor.

If you’d like to receive more information about our chain conveyor belt, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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