Sushi Conveyor Belt System

What is Kaiten Sushi / Conveyor Belt Sushi?

Literally translated as rotation sushi, kaiten sushi or conveyor belt sushi is a restaurant concept where plates with freshly made sushi are placed upon a rotating conveyor belt and navigates through the eatery past each customer. Once diners see a dish they would like to eat, they simply take it off the conveyor belt and collect the plates to turn in for their final bill.

Birth of Kaiten Sushi / Conveyor Belt Sushi

“Kaiten Sushi” developed in Osaka in the 1960’s by a restaurateur, who found it difficult to keep his business staffed and couldn’t manage the operations on his own. After watching bottles travel down a conveyer belt at a brewery, the restaurateur conceived the idea of a rotating sushi system that would fulfill his desire to serve more customers quickly and efficiently while keeping costs down.

Kaiten sushi was then introduced at the Osaka World Expo in the 1970’s as a pop up where it was an instant hit and the country saw the boom of casual sushi dining experience. The concept not only made the luxury cuisine accessible but gave comfort to diners that they were in control of when they received their food at the pace they desired while visually entertained by the abundance of sushi passing by. The acceptance and popularity of kaiten sushi restaurants in the country began a of a new era for the sushi industry across the globe.

Sample action plan for opening a kaiten sushi restaurant

 1Find and secure restaurant location
2Send restaurant location building plan to AUTEC
 3Request estimate and conveyor belt layout plan from AUTEC
4Find and secure restaurant designer
 5Discuss proposed restaurant layout with designer and AUTEC
 6Finalize conveyor belt layout and specifications with AUTEC
 7Request quotation from AUTEC based on finalized conveyor belt layout and specifications
 8Accept AUTEC bid and complete process with 100% advance payment
 9Receive notification regarding conveyor belt’s construction and estimated completion date - estimated at 6-8 weeks.
 10Approve designer’s interior plan and estimate
 11Schedule conveyor belt installation and grand opening date
 12Receive notification regarding conveyor belt’s completion and delivery to restaurant location – estimated at 7 – 10 days for arrival.
 13Schedule conveyor belt installation and training – estimated at 2 days for completion.
 14Hire chef(s) / staff and develop menu
 15Grand Opening

Benefits of Conveyor Belt Sushi

Where other restaurants have failed, we will help you succeed. 

Today more than 9,000 Japanese/Sushi restaurants exist in the world with the steady annual increase causing the market to be severely saturated. A significant portion of these restaurants are forced to close its doors within a couple months of opening due to the surge in competition. The restaurants that succeed to keep their doors open often resort to price hike or provide inferior food and services to keep afloat which ultimately results in business closure. With our conveyer belt sushi system and services, we will help you succeed where other restaurants have failed.

Challenges with Increased Competition

In order to survive in this competitive industry, you must implement a unique service or quality that makes your business stand out. Installing a conveyer belt sushi is a solution to this challenge as customers can enjoy an affordable dining experience complete with visual entertainment.

Challenges with Staffing

Keeping an entire restaurant staffed and trained is a daunting and costly process. With a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, the operation will require less staff and easy training therefore saving you time and money to focus on the quality of your customer’s experience.

Challenges with Peak Hours

 Many restaurants experience slow table turnover during peak hours and lose revenue during the process. The self-service operation at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant allows your staff to have more time to focus on getting the next customers in line to their seats.