Transitions for Chain Restaurants

If you’re an owner of chain restaurants that can benefit from technological upgrades, AUTEC’s experts can guide you through this transition.

Below are the major concerns that our clients have come across as chain restaurant owner and what our machines can do to resolve them.

⨠   Having trouble with quality and inventory control?

Managing multiple locations can be a challenge when it comes to controlling your inventory and food quality. AUTEC’s sushi robots operate on a precise volume of ingredients, allowing you to regulate and plan your food costs and also produces consistently without the need for constant supervision.

⨠   Spending too much time and money training your staff?

To ensure customers experience consistent taste and service at all locations, corporate managers of chain restaurants usually spend enormous time and money to train their kitchen staff, especially when opening new locations. We found that one of the major factors of prolonged training time is overcoming language barriers for machine instructions. AUTEC sushi robots does not require complicated manuals for operating the machine thus training time can be cut as much as 50% leading to major reduction of labor costs.

⨠   Are your restaurants getting enough exposure?

Heavy advertisement is a necessity for chain restaurants to continuously grow their customer base. AUTEC’s sushi robots cut operation costs allowing your money to concentrate on where it’s needed like advertisement.

⨠   Worried about food safety precautions?

Chain restaurants are always in the public eye therefore any issues especially food poisoning can cause irreparable damage to the brand. AUTEC’s sushi robots reduces the need for direct food contact, creating a safe and clean environment for your staff and customers.