Transitions for Sushi Factories

If you’re an owner of a sushi factory that can benefit from technological upgrades, AUTEC’s experts can guide you through this transition.

Below are the major concerns that our clients have come across as sushi factory owner and what our machines can do to resolve them.

⨠   Does your factory have enough food hygiene safeguards in place to pass FDA inspections?

FDA’s mandated inspection frequency has been on the rise for food factories with regulations becoming stricter every year. Due to these circumstances, businesses are forced to constantly prepare according to HACCP codes to avoid any suspensions. Manual production lines’ involvement of gloves and humans increases unsanitary conditions identified by HACCP as unhygienic. AUTEC’s sushi robots have passed the strict ETL inspections and can be used as a tool for food hygiene safeguards to reduce unsanitary conditions that lead to food poisoning.

⨠   Is your manual production causing unexpected costs due to FDA inspections?

FDA’s regular inspections of your operations can lead to constant discoveries of violations, especially for a manual sushi production line. With the mechanization of AUTEC sushi robots, your production line is streamlined for easier control and management reducing the possibility of unexpected violation costs.

⨠   Is your production rate too low?

Delivering quality products on time is one of the most crucial part of running a factory business. Manual productions are often disrupted and delayed by employment factors and the limitations of staff performance. AUTEC’s sushi robot production rate is far greater than a manual operation and reduces the risk of staff related delays.

⨠   Did your negative experience with sushi machines revert you to manual operations?

We have found that manual sushi factory owners are often deterred by out of date sushi machines as production rate was comparable to manual labor but also required additional time and staff to prepare and clean. AUTEC’s sushi robots have a far greater production rate than a manual operation and designed for fast and easy maintenance.

⨠   Purchased your sushi machine from Japan and can’t get customer support?

Restaurant owners who purchased their sushi machines from a Japanese manufacturer, often run into the issue of finding a customer support center outside of Japan to assist them with their products. AUTEC’s sushi robots are made in Japan and hold offices in the United States that can provide support for owners in need.