Why Choose Autec?

Why Choose Autec?


With proper training,
any level chef can
learn how to use our machines.


Requires less staff with
significantly better


Meets ETL safety


Produces delicious
and perfect sushi every time.


Reduces direct food
contact and risk of
cross contamination.


Higher production rate
compared to a sushi chef.


Made in Japan, high
quality machines with
a warranty.

Our approach

AUTEC emerged from an audio equipment manufacturing background where products are developed around the human senses to deliver the best product/user experience. When designing our sushi robots, we never lost sight of this process and continue to create machines with one’s sight, touch, and taste in mind.

We also have a data-driven, scientific approach to sushi making. Over time, we developed our own measuring devices to calculate the size, weight, shape, and stickiness of the sushi rice/mold our robots produce and maintain a library of this data. However, we realize this machine-driven data alone does not suffice and incorporate taste test results from our staff in various divisions of the company.

Additionally, we take into consideration the difference in the essential ingredients of sushi rice (vinegar, water and rice) from country to country. With this information we make subtle adjustments to the regional model to help businesses in each country produce sushi suited to their customer’s palate.

We believe these combined methods along with our long history of technological developments makes our sushi robots exceptional and what separates us from the rest.