Technology Meets Tradition.

Technology Meets Tradition

We have a vision for the future of sushi. A vision that has driven us from the moment we created our first sushi robot. A future where authentic high-quality sushi is globally accessible through our technological innovations while maintaining the importance of tradition in which sushi making is steeped in. A world where sushi robots aid sushi chefs to reach the mutual goal of meeting the industry’s demand for sushi and continuously improve the quality of food and service.
With Autec, you don’t just buy a machine. You step into the future of sushi.

Our Mission:

Raise global awareness of AUTEC’s technological innovations and Japanese food culture to help culinary businesses achieve their goals.




Our Story

We began our journey in 1962 as Audio-Technica an audio equipment manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan. In the 1980’s when vinyl records were taken over by CD’s and our focus was on turntable needles, we held an employee “idea contest” to create a breaking new product; the result was a toy sushi maker for children. In 1984, we combined the audio turntable concept and the toy sushi maker to create “ASM50 Nigirikko,” the world’s first automatic sushi maker for home use, prompting the special machinery division AUTEC to be born.

Nigirikko allowed consumers to have one machine that easily made shari (sushi rice) and mold it into nirigi rice balls which became an instant country-wide success. As sales continued to rise, we received numerous inquiries of “if and when” an industrial-use model would be coming out. Impossible to ignore, our development team quickly went into work automating Nigirikko’s shari mechanisms and created AUTEC’s first sushi robot for industrial use that produced 900 nigiri rice balls per hour.

Today, AUTEC’s sushi robot line has expanded from Nigiri robots to Maki (for roll type) robots, Omusubi (rice balls) robots, sushi conveyor belts and sushi rice mixers to meet the unique needs of businesses from 50 countries around the world.


 A word from the President & CEO

Technology continues to further our company when it comes to meeting the demands of our clients. However, we also focus on the importance of tradition by paying homage to the heritage and continue to show our respect for sushi chefs while we evolve the brand forward for our clients. With that, I’d like to welcome you to the world of AUTEC, where technology meets tradition.

At AUTEC, we work with clients of all sizes from individual business owners to sushi factories and help establish new ventures or integrate our cutting-edge technology into operations. We deliver client success by producing the finest Japan made sushi machines as well as provide invaluable services beyond our competitors. Our dedicated consulting services includes guidance to the world of sushi culture and business, through our years of global experience and knowledge of the industry.

Over time we found that aspirations to build a sushi business is usually deterred by common misconceptions about overall costs. However, with our innovative products and quality services, any business can provide an accessible dining experience for their customers for a cuisine typically reserved for fine dining. Our team constantly strives to design each machine and service program to meet the standards of every client, even the most cost-conscious individual. We invite you to explore our products and services to discover for solutions that will help your business succeed.
On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to serving you and introducing you to the future of sushi.

Taka Tanaka, President & CEO