Sushi Train / Monorail

Sushi Train or Monorail system is an innovative approach to serving food that enables customers to place orders using a touchscreen tablet at their tables. Their selections are delivered straight from the kitchen via a hygienic Sushi Train/Monorail. This engaging and visual method entices customers to order additional menu items and substantially decreases the likelihood of order mistakes.



American-Made Customization

Built in the USA, our systems offer flexible customization for any restaurant layout, ensuring perfect fit and function.

Efficient and Safe

Operating on standard 120V, our energy-efficient products are NSF and or UL certified for food safety, guaranteeing reliability.

Touchscreen Ordering

Simplify the dining experience with our Touchscreen Systems, enabling direct customer ordering and increased accuracy.


Elevate your restaurant’s sushi operations with the advantages AUTEC sushi robots offer.

1. Engaging Experience

Adds entertainment and interaction to dining, enhancing customer enjoyment.

2. Streamlined Service

Eliminates manual order-taking and table service, boosting operational efficiency.

3. Simple Training

New employees learn maintenance and operations quickly, reducing training efforts.

4. Fast and Accurate

Touchscreen ordering reduces errors and speeds up food delivery from kitchen to table.

Sushi Train/Monorail System Design Examples

Discover various ways to integrate a Sushi Train/Monorail system into expansive, compact restaurant spaces.