<Job Summary>
The sales coordinator position can engage in sales and marketing activities.
The sales coordinator will work directly with sales team to ensure that all administrative
and support functions of the sales department to have efficient operating team
The sales coordinator will report to sales manager and office manager..
<Responsibilities/ sales coordinator>
*Assists basic technical phone support
*Organizes office and assist associates in ways that optimize procedures
*Sorts and distributes communications in a timely manner
*Creates and updates records ensuring accuracy and validity of information, such as
shipping record, sales record, payment status etc.
*Maintains trusting relationships with suppliers, customers and colleagues
*Utilizes company resources to develop a filing system that keeps all active sales files
*Understands products and be able to assist basic technical support service to
*Reports any discrepancies
*Performs warehouse inventory controls for parts and machines and keep quality
standards high
*Prepares for shipping or pickup according to schedule (Load, Pack, Wrap, Label,
*Receives and processes warehouse stock products (Pick, Unload, Label, Store)
*Keeps a clean and safe working environment and optimize space utilization at
warehouse and office space
*Communicates and cooperate with supervisors and coworkers
*Follows quality service standards and comply with procedures, rules and regulations
*Creates order form on salesforce
*Tracks active or inactive leads and customer orders
*Works with sales reps closely to meet sales goal
*Ships out and receives products at warehouse
*Communicates with sales reps and tracks if there is enough inventory
*Tracks sales expected and work with sales rep to decide the number of machines
ordering on 20 th of every month.
*Makes sure to have correct # of inventory on QBO and inventory list
*Processes claims of damaged products happened during transportation.
*Interacts with customers, vendors, by phone and email
*Knows the schedule of sales reps
*Organizes trade show and does all necessary arrangements by deadline
*Maintains inventory of sales materials
*Understands sales contracts
*Arranges sales meeting
*Develops and improves a filing system in order to have efficient sales activities.
*Process order of parts from customers
*Ensures successful maximization of sales opportunities results
*Follows up customer
*Makes sure to take necessary procedure before shipping out products, such as
receiving signed PO, payments, PO issued by vendor.
*Processes reimbursement forms and process regular expense claims
*Prepares bank deposits and process deposits
*Processes invoices to customers with correct tax rate, billing & Shipping address, and
sold items.
*Ensures that all items are invoiced and paid on time
*Processes purchase order to vendors
*Processes filing of invoice, deposit copy, payment,
*Process mailing invoices, payments etc.
*Well-organized and responsible with an aptitude in problem-solving
*Excellent written and verbal communications skills in Japanese and English (Business
*A team player with high level of dedication
*Excellent customer service in professional manner
*Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
*Attention to detail and problem solving skills.
*Strong Organizational and planning skills in a fast paced environment
<Skills/Specialty >
*Excellence customer service
*Excellent team development skills
*Excellent interpersonal communication skills
*Excellent organizational and time management skills
*Self-motivated and comfortable working with little to no direction
*Excellent written and verbal communications skills in English (Business level)
*Proficiency in Microsoft excel and word
*Knowledge of Sales force & Quickbook a plus