Like Never Before

What is Automation?

Automation represents the cutting-edge evolution of dining experiences, leveraging technology to streamline operations and enhance customer experience. At the heart of this for sushi restaurants are conveyor belts or trains, server robots, and sushi robots, collectively redefining efficiency and modern gastronomy. This automation offers an engaging, interactive dining experience while ensuring consistency, speed, and hygiene.

Here are three examples of automation:

Sushi Train with P.O.S
H.A.R.T. Service Robot
Sushi Robot

How to Automate Like Never Before

Traditional restaurant operations, especially in popular sushi establishments, face challenges of long wait times, inconsistent dish quality, and potential service hiccups. Integrating technologies like sushi trains with P.O.S., service robots, and sushi robots can reduce pain points drastically. This modern approach accelerates service, ensures consistent food quality, and provides an innovative dining experience, attracting more patrons. As a result, restaurants can look forward to increased revenue and a reputation for being at the forefront of culinary technology.



Customers order through a device

Guide customers to the POS device that displays the available sushi menu items and instruct them to make their orders through the touchscreen interface.



The kitchen easily receives orders

The order details are transmitted directly to the kitchen or the relevant preparation stations. Sushi orders are quickly prepared with a lineup of different Sushi Robots.



Customers receive their orders on the monorail

Once the chef has prepared the sushi, they arrange it on a monorail friendly plate. The order is sent directly to the designated customer’s table in the restaurant on the monorail.



Customers check out quickly

Guide customers to use the POS system for their bill and payment instructions. Then, deploy H.A.R.T. to the checked-out table with a server to place empty plates onto it. H.A.R.T. will transport the collected plates back to the kitchen for cleaning and reuse.

Recommended Combination

Sushi Robots

Sushi Monorail

POS System