Restaurant Automation

Our restaurant automation system transforms operational efficiency from the front door to the back of the house. It streamlines the entire workflow, automating order processing, food preparation, and service coordination tasks. Automation leads to more efficient, error-free operations, optimizing customer experience and economic performance. It’s an ideal solution for enhancing productivity and managing restaurant operations more effectively and efficiently.



Digital Ordering

Customers can self-order through tablets and kiosks, streamlining the ordering process.

Kitchen Sync

A display system allows staff to monitor and manage orders efficiently.

Robotic Efficiency

Automated sushi robots and a delivery system ensure quick, consistent food preparation and table service.


Elevate your restaurant’s sushi operations with the advantages AUTEC sushi robots offer.

1. Streamline Operations:

Eliminate the need for staff to take direct orders or deliver food, speeding up service.

2. Order Accuracy

Customers ordering directly by POS system leads to a significant drop in order errors.

3. Labor Efficiency

Lower operational costs and keep up with the quick turnover during busy hours.

4. Cleanliness and Quick Service

Automate food handling for a cleaner environment and serve sushi faster, reducing customer wait times.

Restaurant Automation Flow

Explore how our automation products optimize service in both expansive and intimate restaurant settings, streamlining your take-out and dine-in experience.