Service Robots H.A.R.T.

Simplify your hospitality operations and create supportive working conditions with autonomous service robots, H.A.R.T. – Hospitality Assistance Robot Tech. From restaurants, hotels, stadiums, airports, hospitals to offices, these support robots assist in transporting a diverse range of items to pinpointed locations inside your business premises.

Choose from two models, H.A.R.T. 6 (Tag Robot) and H.A.R.T. 5 (Laser Robot). Both models operate through a cloud based mapping application that is based in two separate systems: LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping).



H.A.R.T. 6: Tag Robot

Using reflective beacons placed on the ceiling, H.A.R.T. 6 is able to precisely detect its location.*

H.A.R.T. 5: Laser Robot

Instead of using reflective beacons, H.A.R.T. 5 senses its surroundings using a laser to detect its location.*

Delivery Modes

Multi-point for multiple pinpointed delivery locations and single-point for one central delivery location.

*Limitation may apply with ceiling height, structure or floor design. Please inquire for details.

Quick Specs

H.A.R.T. 5: Laser Robot

Robot Dimensions: L19.9in x W19.7in x H47.4in

Weight: 121.25lbs

Tray Dimensions: Top – 19.3in x 15.9in x 7.4in
                            Others – 19.3in x 15.9in x 6.9in

Tray Load Capacity: 22 lbs per tray

                                Total 88 lbs

Operating Battery Life: Up to 15 hours

*Limitation may apply with floor design


H.A.R.T. 6: Tag Robot

Robot Dimensions: L20.4in x W20.9in x H49.4

Weight: 114.64lbs

Tray Dimensions: 20.2in x 16.7in x 7.1in

Tray Load Capacity: Top – 11lbs

                                 Rest – 22lbs

                                 Total 77lbs

Operating Battery Life: Up to 15 hours

*Limitation may apply with ceiling height and structure.


Elevate your restaurant’s sushi operations with the advantages AUTEC sushi robots offer.

1. Improve Efficiency

With extra carrying capacity, decrease the amount of trips servers make between tables and the kitchen.

2. Entertain Guests

Serving robots are a spectacle and novelty for customer experience. H.A.R.T. can also be programmed to speak or sing songs, like “Happy Birthday”.

3. Reduces Floor Accidents

Introducing autonomy to your operations will help reduce ensure tables are properly taken care of.

4. Battery Life

Up to 15 hours of uninterrupted operations with 4 hours charge time.