Maki Maker


Designed for those who prioritize efficiency and precision, the Maki Maker sushi robot accessory is perfect for bustling sushi operations. With its adept forming belt, this manual roll wrapper offers unrivaled consistency in maki rolls.

When paired with the ASM865A sushi machine, it creates a complete, streamlined operation for crafting impeccable rolls. Plus, with its fully analog mechanism, there’s no need for power to roll every time.



One Size Rolls All

Accommodates rolls of various sizes, eliminating the hassle of manual adjustments or switching components.

Simple Operation

Align the rice and nori with the “rice line,” initiate the simple fold-over with one hand, and pull the lever for effortless sushi roll creation.

Sushi Roll

Handles both traditional and inside-out rolls operations. It’s also compatible with wraps beyond seaweed (such as soy paper), broadening roll-making options.

Quick Specs

Dimensions: W 12.3” x D 13.3” x H 10.4” | 313mm x 339mm x 265mm Weight: Approx. 15.4 lbs. | 32kg
Roll Sizes: Diameter: Approx. 0.78” ~ 2.36”(20 ~ 60mm)
Length: Approx. 8.07” (205 mm / longest)


Elevate your restaurant’s sushi operations with the advantages AUTEC sushi robots offer.

1. Save Time

Speedy assembly (3 minutes) and disassembly (5 minutes) gives time for other necessary tasks.

2. Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is incredibly simple, with only 5 removable parts.

3. High Quality

Proudly made in Tokyo, Japan and backed by a 1 year warranty.