Shari Mixer


Shari mixer sushi robot streamlines the task of blending cooked rice with sushi rice seasonings, a crucial step in sushi preparation. This compact tabletop unit offers consistent results, producing well-balanced sushi rice quickly and easily. Kitchen operations and chefs benefit from its customizable settings, while its safety features ensure reliable operation. This sushi machine is essential for establishments that maintain high sushi standards.



Simple and Intuitive

Power on the machine, load the hopper with rice and kick off effortless production with just one press of the start button.

Gentle Mixing

The 180-degree side-to-side motion ensures delicate mixing, while the filtered air technology maintains the sushi rice at optimal temperature.

Customizable Production

Customizable settings ensure the right mix and cooling for perfect consistency in sushi rice production.

Quick Specs

Dimensions: W: 19.2” x D: 28.6” (max 34.1”) x H: 24” (max 46.1”)

488mm x 727mm (max 867mm) x 610mm (max 1172mm)     

Weight: Approx. 81.6 lbs. | 37kg

Hopper Capacity: Up to 20 cups (14.5lbs) of rice

Production Rate: Approx. 3-5 minutes per cycle


Elevate your restaurant’s sushi operations with the advantages AUTEC sushi robots offer.

1. Save Time

Speedy assembly (1 minute) and disassembly (1 minute) gives time for other necessary tasks.

2. Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is incredibly simple, with only 2 removable parts.

3. Customizable Settings

Adjust sushi rice preparation with tailored rotation, rice input, and cooling parameters for ideal operation consistency.

4. High Quality

Proudly made in Tokyo, Japan and backed by a 1 year warranty.

Model Comparison


Top Features

Compact Size


20 cups in 3-5 minutes

Hopper Capacity

Up to 20 cups of cooked rice


W: 19.2” x D: 28.6” (max 34.1”) x H: 24” (max 46.1”)




Top Features

Auto-Feed Function


40 cups of cooked rice in 3-5 minutes

Hopper Capacity

Up to 40 cups of cooked rice


W: 23.5” x D: 29.3” (max 35.1”) x H: 38.9” (61.1”)