Rice Cooker


The Fujimak Rice Cookers produce the highest quality rice in large quantities, and frees up countertop space in the kitchen with its vertical design. With its “Steam-catch” function and the intuitive boiling system, rice is cooked at the right temperature and steamed to perfection every time, without the need of a ventilation hood or gas.



Three Sizes

Available in three sizes. Each size up adds an additional rice cooker stacked vertically on top.

Large Capacity

Each rice cooker can cook up to 11 lbs (40 cups) of rice at a time.

Single-Glance Interface

The interface is simple to use and easy to understand at a glance.

Quick Specs

FRC54NCX (Single Stack)
Dimensions: W 29.53” x D 23.62” x H 22.42”
W 750mm x D 600mm x H 517mm
Weight: 133 lbs  |  60kg
Rice cooking capacity: 6lbs – 11lbs  |  2.8 – 5.0kg
Total Power Consumption: 5.4kW
Electric loading breaker: 20A


FRC108NCX (Double Stack)
Dimensions: W 29.53” x D 25.42” x H 38.75”
W 750mm x D 600mm x H 964mm
Weight: 265 lbs  |  120kg
Rice cooking capacity: 6lbs – 22 lbs  |  2.8 – 10.0kg
Total Power Consumption: 10.8kW
Electric loading breaker: 40A


FRC162NCX (Triple Stack)
Dimensions: W 29.53” x D 25.42” x H 55.25″
W 750mm x D 600mm x H 1381mm
Weight: 180kg
Rice cooking capacity: 6lbs – 33lbs  |  2.8 – 15.0kg
Total Power Consumption: 16.2kW
Electric loading breaker: 60A


Elevate your restaurant’s sushi operations with the advantages AUTEC sushi robots offer.

1. Higher Quality

“Steam-catch” function and the intuitive boiling system ensures that the optimal temperature and amount of steam is maintained during cooking. There is also no need for a ventilation hood!

2. Save Space

By stacking cookers vertically, less space is taken up horizontally on countertops.

3. Improve Efficiency

Each individual stacked unit can cook up to 11lbs of rice, totaling 33lbs of rice at maximum capacity in the Triple Stack.

4. Simple Operation

Cooking begins with the press of a button, and the Cooking Progress Indicator makes seeing the time until it finishes much easier.