Like Never Before

What is Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri sushi features a slice of fresh fish or seafood delicately pressed atop a compact mound of seasoned rice (rice ball). It often has a small dab of wasabi between the fish and rice. The beauty of nigiri lies in its simplicity, and the quality of the rice ball is just as important as the fish. Nigiri sushi is the quintessential form of sushi that originated as a street food in Japan during the Edo period.

popular examples of nigiri sushi

Maguro (Tuna) Nigiri
Salmon Nigiri
Ebi (Shrimp) Nigiri

How to Make Nigiri Like Never Before

Manually forming nigiri rice balls is labor-intensive, necessitating meticulous skill and precision to achieve the perfect balance between rice and air. Rice ball-forming sushi robots ensure rice ball shape and size uniformity and maintain optimal temperature and consistency. Using a sushi robot reduces the time taken per rice ball, leading to faster service without compromising quality. It also allows the kitchen to serve significant volumes of customers while ensuring each piece of rice ball remains consistent. These robots elevate the nigiri-making process, positively affecting the BOH and FOH operations. 



Mix cooked rice with sushi seasonings.

Use a Rice Mixer to mix cooked short grain rice with sushi vinegar to make sushi rice. The Rice Mixers will automatically rotate and blow cool air onto the rice to evenly distribute the seasoning and keep it at the perfect warm temperature suitable for sushi. 



Shape seasoned rice into small rice balls.

Place the seasoned sushi rice into the hopper of a Rice Ball Maker. The prepared sushi rice will be guided through a series of rollers inside the machine to be formed into perfect rice balls. Ensure that the rice ball is to your liking by changing the size with different forming rollers, and adjusting the rice compression setting knob.



Lay the ingredients on top of the rice ball.

Place the topping, such as sliced fish or seafood, onto the rice ball. Raw tuna, salmon and shrimp are both very popular options to use for nigiri sushi.

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