Nigiri Maker


The ASM410A is a precise sushi machine adept at crafting both nigiri sushi balls and crispy rice sushi balls. Beyond consistency, it ensures each rice ball has the optimal temperature and an ideal rice-to-air ratio. For chefs and businesses, this machine becomes invaluable, streamlining production during busy hours and managing both in-dining and online order demands.



Consistent Nigiri Production

Produces consistent nigiri rice balls with minimal hand contact, delivering one rice ball every 1.5 seconds, reaching up to 2400 rice balls/hour.

Forming Roller Options

Choose from SS-L (42mm) or SSS-L (48mm) forming rollers to adjust nigiri size.

Single or Multiple Production

Choose from single or multiple rice balls dispensing onto the turntable and easily switch between the two depending on your production needs.

Quick Specs

Dimensions: W 12.2” x D 19.6” x H 23.3” | 310mm x 497mm x 592mm Weight: Approx. 50.6 lbs. | 23kg
Hopper Capacity: Approx. 14.5 lbs. | 6.6kg
Production Rate: Approx. 1.5 seconds per ball | Up to 2400 balls per hour


Elevate your restaurant’s sushi operations with the advantages AUTEC sushi robots offer.

1. Save Time

Speedy assembly (2 minutes) and disassembly (5 minutes) gives time for other necessary tasks.

2. Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is incredibly simple, with only 8 removable internal parts.

3. Customizable Settings

Customize rice balls for optimal operation by adjusting density and compression.

4. High Quality

Proudly made in Tokyo, Japan and backed by a 1 year warranty.