Find out how a sushi robot would fit inside your kitchen space with our new AR app!

The AR installation simulation app creates a life-size 3D model of an AUTEC Sushi Robot of your choice within your smartphone camera.

A large concern our customers have is if an AUTEC Sushi Robot will fit in their physical workspace. Using this new app provided by our AUTEC Japan, it’s easy to visualize what the machine would look like on your countertops without having to bring the actual robot to your location—not to mention, it’s free and easy to access and use!

Follow the steps below on your smartphone to try it now!

Open your smartphone camera and scan the QR code below. This will open your browser to the AUTEC AR Simulation landing page.



On the landing page, tap the “AR Simulation Try it now” button next to the robot you would like to simulate in your operating space.


If your camera app does not automatically open, press the blue button that reads “AR表示を開始” (“Start AR Display” translated to English) on the bottom right.

Once the AR camera opens, slowly move the camera around an open table space where you would like to place the robot.

The robot will appear on the camera!