How can an AUTEC sushi robot help improve your business?

Sushi robots are, in relative terms, still a fairly recent addition to the American restaurant and catering industries. Yet with each passing year they become more and more prevalent in a growing number of businesses.

From your typical local sushi joint to university dining halls, from roadside food trucks to high-rise casinos, and from all-you-can-eat buffets to high-end gourmet Japanese restaurants, AUTEC robots have proven to be a boon to a multitude of establishments and environments. While some may see our robots and think of them as simply a kitchen luxury, they are in fact a quintessential and – in my opinion – absolutely indispensable piece of equipment for any business producing sushi (or anything similar, such as Korean kimbap)!

Below are some hypothetical situations in which I will show you exactly how our amazing robots can help food industry business owners in a variety of situations!

John recently opened a new sushi restaurant and wants to serve affordable, professional-quality but can’t afford to hire highly-trained professional sushi chefs.

Solution: With the ASM865A rice sheet maker and/or ASM880A maki maker, anyone can produce professional-grade sushi rolls consistently with no prior sushi experience. John can keep his labor costs much lower by hiring part-time workers and not have to sacrifice the quality of his sushi or efficiency of his restaurant’s production.

Mai owns a well-established sushi restaurant and employs one or more sushi chefs. They produce quality sushi and she doesn’t want to reduce her labor force, but they sometimes have trouble keeping up with mealtime demand. She would also like to expand and grow her business.

Solution: With the ASM865A rice sheet maker which can produce a rice sheet in as fast as 3 seconds and the ASM410 nigiri maker which can create rice balls in about 2 seconds, Mai’s chefs will have no trouble keeping up with demand and can focus on the art of assembling fine sushi. Both machines are fast and consistent, allowing her to explore new ventures such as all-you-can-eat or catering options. While the machines take care of the time-consuming labor of forming and shaping the rice, her expert sushi chefs can focus on their craft of portioning out and arranging delicious and alluring sushi. Alternatively, the machines can be used to fill the bellies of peckish AYCE customers and/or fill out large catering orders while her sushi chefs entertain discerning guests who enjoy that extra bit of the sushi experience that comes with sitting at the sushi bar.

Edgar runs a high-end sushi restaurant renowned for finer dining options such as their omakase course. While he understands the appeal of the improved production sushi robots can offer, a major part of his business model is that his menu is all hand-made.

Solution: Even for customers who wish to provide their customer base with sushi hand-crafted with artisan love, AUTEC’s ASM780A sushi rice mixer is a great addition to any kitchen. Capable of mixing up to ~29lbs of sushi rice in just 3-5 minutes, with the ability to customize settings such as number of rotations and rice cooling options, this robot will efficiently and effectively mix the perfect batch of sushi rice every time. Edgar’s chefs can focus on their craft and serving the customers thanks to the machine eliminating the menial labor of mixing rice and vinegar. Edgar might also consider one of AUTEC’s sushi roll cutter robots, which efficiently and cleanly cut any roll into 6, 8, or 10 pieces!

This was just a short selection of examples, but I hope with this you can see that regardless of the conditions at your business, there’s an AUTEC robot or two that can really help you get out there and succeed! If you’d like to see how our mechanical buddies can assist you in your ventures, contact us about seeing a demonstration!