Maki Maker ASM895A

Maki Maker sushi robot, a must-have for professional kitchens and food service providers, is adept at crafting rice sheets of diverse thicknesses and dimensions, perfect for sushi rolls, sushi burritos, rice sandwiches, and other culinary innovations. Chefs and culinary professionals seeking advanced sushi equipment will find this sushi machine invaluable, as it offers customizable options and features unique to AUTEC, ensuring consistency and quality in every rice sheet.



Auto-Supply Function
Continuously produce rice sheets without the need to press the start button for each production.

Double Rice Sheet Mode
Produce two rice sheets simultaneously instead of one at a time, doubling the efficiency.

Small Size
Easily fits in tight spaces underneath shelves on countertops

Quick Specs:
Dimensions: W 14.0” x D 17.1” x H 20.2”
    358mm x 435mm x 515mm
Weight: Approx. 66 lbs. | 30kg
Hopper Capacity: Approx. 14.5 lbs. | 6.6kg
Production Rate: Approx. 3 seconds per sheet | Up to 1300 sheets per hour

Price Upon Request


Produces rice sheets for sushi roll, sushi burrito and more.