Sushi Operation Automation

Sushi Operation Automation

Streamline Sushi Production: Dive into a transformative culinary experience as we guide you on elevating your sushi operations, whether by automating a single step or the entire process. By incorporating AUTEC sushi robots, you achieve unparalleled efficiency and significantly reduce direct food contact, ensuring hygiene and consistency. In this showcase, witness the efficiency of our robots: Rice Mixer ASM730A, Rice Sheeter ASM865A, Roll Wrapper ASA190A, and Roll Cutter ASM250A.

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Chef Creations

ASM895A | Rice Sheeter

ASM890A | Rice Sheeter and Wrapper

ASM780A | Sushi Rice Mixer

ASM575A | Onigiri Maker

ASM410A | Rice Ball Maker

ASM260A | Roll Cutter