Sushi Robots Join JAPANHOUSE Los Angeles

AUTEC Sushi Robots was invited to participate in an intimate dinner experience at the recently opened JAPANHOUSE Los Angeles.

An extraordinary project born under the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs with hubs in London, Los Angeles, and Sao Paulo, Japanhouse brought together enlightening artists and creative leaders inspired by Japanese culture to share knowledge, insight and wisdom behind some of the most exciting experiences.

Diners experienced Japanese inspired dishes by the most exciting chefs in Los Angeles who are shaping the culinary landscape through wellness education, environmental stewardship, seasonal cooking, community advocacy, food waste management, composting and local/sustainable farming.

The Life Cycle of Food Winter [RYORI] showcased a Japanese inspired 13 course dinner with Chef Joseph Geiskopf and Chef Joji Inoue. Sushi robots 410 and 730 assisted Chef Inoue with the second course, Ikejime Kinki Fish (courtesy of Yokose Seafood) Nigiri Sushi 2 ways.

It was a beautiful food filled night with amazingly talented people.