Check Out The New Product We’ve Added To Our Maki Sushi Robot Line!

We are excited to share our new product to join the AUTEC sushi robot family, ASA190A, the Roll Wrapper. What does it do?

ASA190A wraps rice sheets into rolls with one quick move. It increases the production rate and easy on the chef’s hands.

How does it work? Place the rice sheet onto the wrapping belt, place the desired fillings, and push or pull the handle.

What’s unique about ASA190A is that it can wrap rice sheets of various sizes without the need to switch out parts. You can create dishes such as hosomaki roll (thin sushi rolls with seaweed on the outside), inside out rolls (sushi rolls with rice on the outside), futomaki sushi rolls, or sushi burritos.

Additional features include:

  • Withstands wrapping ingredients other than seaweed
  • Hygienic with rust-resistant stainless steel SUS304
  • Easy cleaning with removable wrapping belt

When combined with our most popular sushi robot model, ASM865A, the rice sheeter, production increases beyond rolling rice sheets only by hands. Watch a clip from our automation video to see ASA190A in action. 

For more information, please schedule a free demo here.